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Jewish Mothers Cooking: Healthy Rosh Hashanah Apple Cobbler

I love apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah, but since we have so much fruit left over this time of year, I try and get a little more creative while trying to stay healthy.

Monday Mazel: Two Less Single Doctors To Marry

When somebody marries a nice Jewish doctor, it’s cause for celebration. When two nice Jewish doctors marry each other, that just seems a little greedy for all the singles out there who hope to one day get hitched to an M.D.

The Big Jewcy: Alicia Yaffe – 21st Century Marketing Wizard

You know how good Alicia is at her job? She’s been hired by dead legends to do marketing and brand management. She’s just that good.

How To Help The Tornado Victims Of Joplin, Mo.

A few ways to help the victims of the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri.

Free Girls In Trouble Song!

If you like violins and poetry, the forthcoming Girls in Trouble album, “Half You Half Me” will probably be your favorite record of the year.

21st Century Seder:

You can do a million amazing things on your computer, so why not create your own Haggadah? That’s what the folks behind figured, and it might be one of the most brilliant ideas we’ve heard of in quite some time.

Israel Sending Their Bread To Japan

It seems that bread donating is starting to catch on.

Is Baby Bacon Flavored Formula Kosher For Passover?

Unless the people at Bacon Salt have switched things up, this really disgusting idea is probably kosher. But what about for Passover?