Alex Eidman

Alex went to McGill University in Montreal, but he grew up in Englewood, NJ. He likes soft things.

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A Shabbos Walk Around Camp With the Wrong Girl

Too shy to confess his feelings for his overzealous matchmaker, a young camper gets stuck with her friend instead

Shtickball: The Dave Zirin Lovefest

Hell hath no fury like a Zirin with a cocktail in his hand.

Shtickball: Big NBA Trouble In Little China

Jewcy profiles which NBA stars won’t be coming home for the holidays.

Shtickball: The Bowling Treatise

Bowling is my valium/yogalates/acupuncture all rolled into a tidy 16 lb ball.

Shtickball: How The 4skins Came To Dominate The Zog Universe

A story of Jewish domination on the basketball court.

Shtickball: The Herman Cain Sports Edition

This week, Shtickball looks at some great Herman Cain quotes and the sports figures that embody their meaning.

Shtickball: The Sports And Thanksgiving Edition

We profile some sports figures past and present and what dishes they might be making this Turkey Day.

Shtickball: The ‘Student Athlete’ Edition

People are pushing for college athletes to learn more- we run down some potentially intriguing courses.