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Adam is the Food Editor of Jewcy. He likes beer, wine and food.

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These Dudes Really Love Smoking Fish

Smoked chubs have been a staple of the Jewish diet for decades, and now, thanks to, I know how they’re made.

A Bissell To A Teaspoon: Preserving Food Memories From A Terrible Time In History

A cookbook that focuses on the recipes made by Jews during the holocaust may not immediately strike home cooks as a must own manual, but “Recipes Remembered: A Celebration of Survival,” is the attempt to keep these recipes and the stories that surrounded them alive.

A Requiem for H&H Bagels

A sad day has come to pass, even all of the Jews in Manhattan’s Upper West Side couldn’t fight the rising rents of the borough and sadly H&H bagels closed.

The Big Jewcy: Matt Marcus – The Best Little Food Truck In Texas

In only a short time, the gourmet food truck has built a name for itself among not only our Jewcy community in Houston, but the entire community as a whole.

The Big Jewcy: Leah Koenig – The Future Of Jewish Cooking

For a food writer that didn’t start out writing about food, it’s pretty incredible to realize all that writer Leah Koenig has accomplished.

The Big Jewcy: Mike Rosenthal – Created The Waiting For Godot Video Game

Mike liked drawing comics, but he really got notice when he turned Samuel Beckett’s famous play into a video game.

The Big Jewcy: Brian Leventhal – Brooklyn’s Wine Guy

In only it’s first year, Brian Leventhal’s Brooklyn Winery has gained dramatic attention across the country for it’s innovative model and exceptional wine.

The Big Jewcy: Zachary Sharaga – Bronx Raised Booze Mixologist

Zachary Sharaga is the owner of Louis 649, one of the most respected cocktail bars in NYC. We spent the day talking to the cocktail master on a beautiful Spring day.