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Zeek Bids Farewell

The start of one new year necessarily means the end of the old. To say so, however, is to create a dyad of old/new, casting the previous year in the unflattering light of irrelevance and decay. More accurate to say that the new year brings the unknown and change to a continuum of the known and the past. So it is with Zeek. For eighteen months, Zeek has shared this space with, running our content on the Jewcy server. We came to Jewcy thanks to the visionary offer of Tahl Raz and Joey Kurtzman, who imagined Jewcy as a kind of Jewish public square in which a variety of media would proffer their content. We believed–and still believe–in the value of sharing ideas in a rich context, and thank Tahl and Joey for this opportunity. We also would like to thank Craig Leinoff, whose technical expertise made the Jewcy back-end so easy to use. Finally, we would like to give a special thanks to current Jewcy editor-in-chief Lilit Marcus for her help and commitment to our partnership. As of today, Erev Rosh Hashanah, Zeek will cease publishing on the Jewcy site. We welcome you to join us on Monday, October 5, when we will relaunch with a new partner, the Forward, at We look ahead to a new year of discussion and debate, online and in our print edition. We still believe online media, especially Jewish media, should share space and share conversations, and hope to engage in such conversations both with our new partners and, across websites, with Lilit and the writers at Jewcy. Until then, l’shanah tova, may you have a sweet and healthy new year. Sincerely, Zeek Editors p.s. You can always find Zeek by going to


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