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Wedding 101

(Madeleine Ball/Flickr)
Today in Tablet Magazine, Allison Hoffman writes about Meg Keene’s website, A Practical Wedding, which confronts and embraces the messy reality of wedding planning, and which has about 120,000 visitors a month. Keene’s post about the significance of the chuppah at her wedding became one of the site’s most contentious entries:

In response, non-Jewish readers said they were inspired to include chuppahs in their own wedding ceremonies—prompting Keene to respond, fiercely, that it was “borderline offensive” for non-Jews to adopt some cultural and religious symbols for their own weddings. “We had people saying there are elements of our religion that are not open to appropriation, and there was a reaction of people saying, ‘How can you tell me no?’ ” Keene said. “But this is what happens in the wedding industry—people start to say, ‘Aren’t these all cute things to do at a wedding?’”

Brides’ Aid [Tablet Magazine]

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