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The Top Five Jewish Guest Stars in Andy Samberg’s SNL Digital Shorts
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The Top Five Jewish Guest Stars in Andy Samberg’s SNL Digital Shorts

This past weekend’s Saturday Night Live season finale might very well have been Andy Samberg’s last show. In a fitting tribute, he ended his run as the king of digital shorts, really the only remaining funny feature on the storied sketch comedy show, with a remix of “Lazy Sunday,” one of his first forays into the genre. This was, according to SNL’s counting, the 101st such digital short (the previous weekend celebrated the 100th with a star-studded cast).

While one could argue that all the digital shorts are Jewish due to the heavy involvement of Andy Samberg and his menschy The Lonely Island crew, to tide you over till next season (or at least for the next 20 minutes) here are the top five Jewish digital short guests. While they may not hold a candle to such famed sketches as “Dick in a Box,” “I’m on a Boat,” or even my personal favorite, “Jack Sparrow,” they’re absurdly entertaining.

5. Some strange stuff happens in this trailer/promo/something for a fictional movie starring Paul Rudd and Andy Samberg (there’s some Titanic-style sketching and lots of fake blood). Even if we don’t love, or understand, this short so much, we always love us some Paul Rudd:

4. Pre-Moneyball Jonah Hill starts dating Andy’s dad. Be prepared for some uncomfortable kissing:

3. Natalie Portman has a cameo in the mashup that makes up the 100th short, an ode to her uncharacteristic rap from 2006:

2. There are so many great lines in this Andy Samberg-Adam Levine love song to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “Iran so Far:”

1. No need to explain the brilliance of this interview with Jewcy favorite Drake:

Still want more Samberg? Here’s the Harvard graduation speech he gave yesterday.

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