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The Jewcy Style Index : Under $200

In today’s fashion climate, scoring a look for less is as on trend as cargo pants or luxury neutrals. Nowadays, Americans in general have suddenly caught on to the concept of a good bargain, something that Jews have stealthily hunted for years. Coupon clipping is pretty old school, but looking like you spent the big bucks while working on a small salary has become an art form all its own in this wretched recession. I consistently find myself needing to look like I spent tons on myself to keep up with the mythical Joneses and rather than hunting for bargains, I instead aim to come across items that exude luxury for discount prices. I combed through my go-to sites to fish out some of my favorite pieces under $200 to ensure that your look says Bergdorf Goodman rather than Strawberry, regardless of the price. While I understand that most of my picks are accessories, I always advise spending one’s money on pieces that can make more frequent appearances in your everyday look. While splurging on a statement piece is always a fun source of retail therapy, not even your dry cleaner wants to see you sporting the same designer dress to excess. Spare your laundromat the tales of your outfit repeating and stick with these bargain items to make you feel as fancy as the upcoming royal wedding.

1. ASOS Ames Ankle Boot : The perfect bootie always evokes a fashion forward sensibility and in suede, they add texture to an outfit that otherwise could fall flat in the dead of winter. Bargain: $120.00

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Studly Earrings : Opting for a diamond cut bead rather than fine jewels is the sure fire way to add a touch of sparkle to a look without spending major money. While there is certainly something to be said for diamonds and stones, you’ll be surprised when after spending minimal bucks, these semi-precious metals have more shine to them than the average gem. Bargain : $32.00

3. ALDO Tauret Bootie : Shoes with texture that beg to be paired with jeans are being created by today’s top fashion houses, and priced as such. These are the perfect take on the casual military trend while still maintaining the subtlety and lack of bells and whistles of high-end design. Throw these on with your favorite jeans and blouson top and head to brunch, the office, even on a flight! (Low wedges are devilishly comfortable). Bargain? $80.00

4. Zara Shirt with Shoulder Gathering : A low-slug bow-tie neckline is the best way to convey a sophisticated yet relaxed look. Some of the most luxurious collections, i.e. Stella McCartney, have made this element a brand staple and in doing so, have attached to it a message of luxurious bohemia. Throw this top on under a blazer or with a pair of boy-cut trousers and create a look that costs far more than this piece’s bargain price. Bargain? $39.90

5. Zara Leopard Print Moccasin : Paring down this season’s glamourous leopard trend to a relaxed flat displays the most luxurious quality of all, not trying too hard. Effortlessness and luxury exist in perfect symbiosis and this flat certainly epitomizes that concept. I cannot think of an ensemble that these flats would not work with short of an evening dress. In fact, I am charging them to my credit card as I pen this piece. Bargain? $79.90

Who knew such cheap buys would have you looking so fabu?! My, how fancy you look!

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