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Here Are Lena Dunham’s Goals For The Week

Lena Dunham is hosting Saturday Night Live this week. Here’s the official promo with cast member and fellow young feminist, Kate McKinnon. For your convenience, we have included a transcript of the most aspirational and inspirational part of the video! (But there’s a good shirtless bit too, so keep watching you lecherous bastards.)

Lena Dunham‘s Goals For The Week:

  1. Be on time,
  2. Wear comfortable shoes,
  3. Don’t ask too many questions,
  4. Be present at all times,
  5. Take deep breaths,
  6. Have some sort of vegetable serving every day,
  7. Focus on what I like about myself rather than what I don’t like about myself,
  8. Stretch every morning,
  9. Have two cups of coffee max per day,
  10. Relax,
  11. And have fun.

Kate McKinnon‘s Goal For The Week:

  1. Don’t be afraid of sweating, ’cause that’s what makes you sweat.

Share your weekly goals in the comments!

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