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Jews Watching TV: Finally Someone Who Liked Work It
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Jews Watching TV: Finally Someone Who Liked Work It

The Internet’s streets run red from the reviews of ABC’s new sitcom, Work It. There hasn’t been a show this disliked since we as a species evolved to have funny bones 3,050 years ago. I wanted to be the dissenting opinion but it was physically impossible, as my eyes had rolled so much watching it that I missed at least seven minutes of last night’s premier. So I decided to turn into the show’s immaturity and talk to my 12-year-old little brother about what he thought. Here is the totally real, not at all made up conversation we had after the show aired:

Jesse: Hey brother

Little Brother: Hey bro

J: How was your Hanukkah?

LB: Good, I got 3DS.

J: Yeah, I don’t know what you are talking about.

LB: It’s a portable system, dummy. Why haven’t I gotten your gift yet?

J: Not the time, jerk.

LB: You are. Well, I’m not going to answer your questions until you promise to get me the new Legends of Zelda.

J: Dude, you know I’m already recording this.

LB: Promise.


LB: You may proceed.

J: Ok, so what did you think of Work It?

LB: Jesse. Oh my god. It was so funny.

J: Oh, really? Why was that?

LB: So did you see that new Adam Sandler movie, Jack & Jill, where he plays both the brother AND the sister?

J: Of course not.

LB: Well, you should have because it was hilarious because Adam Sandler looked so stupid as a girl. This show was like that TIMES TWO.

J: I’m not sure if two wrongs make a right.

LB: Yeah, but two Wrights made an airplane.

J: Touché. So tell me what happened in this episode?

LB: There is this guy—I don’t remember his name—and he can’t find a job but then he meets this lady who sells drugs—not like drug drugs, she sells doctor drugs—and she is looking to hire people. But she only wants to hire women because I guess doctors like to bone these saleswomen, hehehehe. So he decides to dress like an ugly lady and apply for the job. Then he gets the job. Oh wait, there was a part before he goes into the interview where he thanks another girl for giving him a tampon. HAHAHA…

J: Yeah, that’s not funny. Then what happened?

LB: He has this friend Angel who also doesn’t have a job and he is Puerto Rican. He gets him to dress up like a girl too. Angel shakes his butt all Latiny when he walks. Hehe. Angel gets a job there too by helping the boss fix her car, which is funny because like girls wouldn’t be able to fix cars. You know?

J: That’s not funny. What else did you find funny?

LB: Umm, well. The main guy was at work dressed as a girl and he sits to eat lunch with his girl co-workers. And then all the actual girls pull out these little salady things, because that’s what girls eat, and then the main dude pulls out this crazy huge sandwich. It’s so huge—like who couldn’t even eat a sandwich that big? A man could, that’s who. But then he just eats the lettuce off of it so he fits in. How funny is that?

J: So the joke is that there is a big sandwich?

LB: Oh! And when the two main guys were dancing at a bar with the girls from work, the main guy’s bandagethe one he uses to hold in his boners, hehestarted to fall from his skirt. He looked so stupid trying to cover it up. Do you think they were saying he got a boner while dancing with the girls!? Hehehe.

J: I don’t care.

LB: It was so good! And like at the end the main guy was all nicer to his wife and stuff because the other girls taught him about what girls want.

J: So, it’s like that movie, What Women Want?

LB: I have no idea what you are talking about, I’m 12.

J: It starred Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.

LB: Yeah, I don’t know who those people are.

J: UGH, never mind.

LB: What did you think about the show?

J: It was a little bit dumb and I found it depressing to watch how excited the actors’ were to be on it.

LB: You are a little bit dumb.

J: You are a lot dumb.

LB: You are.

J: Love you.

LB: Love you too.

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