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Jews Seeking Jews Apps












Swipe me a match! Find me a find. Catch me a catch! All Jewish singles will be happy to know (if you’re not into goys) that the Jewish man of your dream awaits, right behind the facade of his iPhone.

JSwipe is basically Tinder, except that it matches you with other single Jews depending on your Jewish affiliation. The most annoying part of Tinder, from personal experience, is that you cannot discriminate on age, ethnicity, or height. Now at least, you can swipe a Jew for a Jew.

Another app that may land you your beshert? JCrush. These “swipe” apps are so tailored for our generation, you don’t even have to be motivated enough to make a profile. They simply take your “curated” Facebook information and translate it on the app. JDate is so yesterday–or maybe just for the older generation who were already in their late teens by the time the internet was booming; those who enjoy reading and writing in length.

Get swiping!

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