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Jewcy Art: Rahm With Pancakes, Lox, And Bagels On His Head
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Jewcy Art: Rahm With Pancakes, Lox, And Bagels On His Head

Preparing for the graphic fanfare that the Chicago elections would bring in our coverage, I came across a fascinating artistic venture headquartered in Minnesota and catching art collectors’ eyes internationally via eBay. Forget Mary toast, say hello to Dan Lacey’s Rahm paintings.

Jewcy: Portrayed with lox, what is Rahm saying with his eyes?

Dan Lacey: ‘Come closer and let me share with you what is on my mind.’

J: When did you start putting pancakes and other breakfast foods on celebrities?

DL: My first pancake portrait was of John McCain and was inspired by the Oolong the pancake bunny meme. Before that I drew a webcomic called ‘Faithmouse’ and previous to that I operated an art studio in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas and contributed role model portraits to a magazine called ‘Saludos Hispanos.’ I stopped drawing the cartoon following a loss of faith and began to paint again, posting paintings for sale on eBay and drawing inspiration from the internet.  The pancake portraits represent created self-context and the absurdity of changeable and impermanent identity. The related Obama Nude On A Unicorn series is the carnalized Messiah-substitute superman.

J: What inspired you to take your brush to Rahm’s face?

DL: I did no such thing.  It would have been rude and perhaps created unnecessary personal jeopardy to approach Rahm with a pointy stick in my hand.

J: Who’s buying these Rahms?

DL: Art collectors from Australia to Serbia. (Including this Toronto blogger who has her Rahm prominently framed.)

J: Do you think you’ll be inspired to paint more kosher gourmet Rahms after the Chicago election?

DL: Rahm needs to win so I can paint him with deep dish pizza.

Lacey's first Rahm with bagel and lox
Rahm as the unicorn in Lacey's continuing 'Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn' series. "Not everyone recognized my portrayal of Rahm in this Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn painting-but many did."
Purchased on eBay by a Serbian collector, this study for a larger Rahm with Hot Dog study was featured in full at Chicago street artist Ray Noland's Pork & Politics show.
"I call this painting of Rahm and his brother's 'Oh Come Ye Emanuels'"
The challah bread portrait was commissioned by someone in Australia.

Commissioned by this Toronto blogger who prominently features her framed Rahm.

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