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Jewciest Week Ever: From Davy Rothbart to Harvey Weinstein
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Jewciest Week Ever: From Davy Rothbart to Harvey Weinstein

This week, we met two liberal intellectuals — hipsters, even– who believe in God, and we asked them why. We talked to Found magazine editor Davy Rothbart about life on tour, his new movie, and whether or not he has groupies (answer: kinda!). And Tahl Raz mused about how the world's yawning at Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman's nuptials means that "our generation of Jewish women find power … far less problematic than their predecessors." Or maybe we're just numb.

Ben Shapiro discussed his new book on presidential image-making, and Tamar Fox dipped a toe in the controversy around a Yeshiva that won't allow gay alums' partners at their reunion. We got to the bottom of the whole blood libel thing. And a guy actually volunteered to be featured as our JDater of the Week! His turnons include "NPR," "The Eagles," and "seeking to understand my God."

Last week was so Jewcy we're still hearing about it. Jon Kesselman's Jewy take on Tom Cruise's Scientology indoctrination video was chosen by Radar as one of the 8 best on YouTube! Yess! It was also picked up by Slate. And the story of the smear campagin against Barack Obama — those emails calling him a "covert Muslim" and a "jew hating bigot" that we noticed circulating — found its way to Andrew Sullivan, the Jewish Week, and the paper of record.

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