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Jeff Goldblum—Master Chef?

You’d think Jeff Goldblum’s shtick would get old by now. But it hasn’t. So if you want to be further delighted by his excitable weirdness, Funny or Die has a new video that stars the Jewish actor: “Cooking With Jeff Goldblum.”

As Goldblum explains to us in the beginning of the video (sitting at a piano for no reason in particular), he doesn’t actually know how to cook, so he recruits another (Jewish) guest to show him the ropes: legendary food critic Jonathan Gold (subject of the documentary City of Gold).

Gold and Goldblum make a great pair as they embark on a journey to make soupe au pistou.

Highlights of the video include Goldblum grocery shopping at Ralph’s (parent company  Kroger co-sponsored the video), finding out what kind of cheese he would be (Swiss), and telling Gold an old Jewish joke.

“I’m not a joke critic,” Gold demures when Goldblum asks for feedback.

Also, is it just us, or is there a shot where the two icons are beating each other with leeks? Could this possibly be a Passover reference (in certain Jewish cultures, seder-goers playfully whip each other with the vegetable)?

Absolutely, this should be a regular series, and not a one-off gag (yes, there was a similar “Cooking with Christopher Walken” way back in 2012, but we demand all Goldblum. All the time.).

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the video for yourself:

Image via Funny Or Die
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