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Hump Day Art: Off the Wall at the Jewish Museum
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Hump Day Art: Off the Wall at the Jewish Museum

Starting this Sunday, the Jewish Museum in New York is hosting a fantastic new exhibit called Off the Wall: Artists at Work. The exhibit features 11 artists who will be taking over the gallery spaces at the museum with projects in music, fashion, and performance and visual arts. To help gear up for Off the Wall, check out these photos of the galleries being set up for the show. Over the the next few weeks, Jewcy will be covering Off the Wall, so stay tuned for more about artists and events.

We're also giving away tickets to the Off the Wall parties on March 20 and 27. To enter to win, send a private message saying "I want to party" to the Jewcy user Jewish Museum Off the Wall (you have to create a profile to do this). See you there!








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