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Hump Day Art: Ophrah Shemesh Puts the Hump in Hump Day
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Hump Day Art: Ophrah Shemesh Puts the Hump in Hump Day

Congratulations! You’ve managed to get through the first 2.5 weekdays. To help you get through the second half of your week, Jewcy is happy to present you with Hump Day Art. Think of it as an opportunity to devote your attention to the more cultural things in life, or at the very least, to zone out at your desk for a few minutes while you look at some pretty pictures.

This week's Hump Day Art peers into the fantasies of Israeli-born artist Ophrah Shemesh by way of her eerie series of paintings "I and Thou," currently on display at the Freight + Volume gallery in New York. Based loosely on the film The Night Porter, Shemesh's work takes on issues of sexuality, power and femininity in ways that are both disturbing and beautiful.

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