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Girlfriend & Boyfriend Reviewing “Glee”: Rocky
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Girlfriend & Boyfriend Reviewing “Glee”: Rocky

I have to assume you all know what happened this week on Glee, but I’ll explain anyway because I am nice:  We got “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”, a re-imagining of the 1970’s cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Yet another devious machination by Mr. Schue, the kids did their darnedest to do this monumental movie justice.  Still, even with all their feather boas, shiny short-shorts, and stiletto heels, the kids were just pawns in Will’s scheme to win back Emma.  Highlights included a singing Stamos, Dr. Frank N. Mercedes and cameos by Meat Loaf (the film’s original Eddie) and Barry Bostwick (the film’s original Brad).

Now, on to the good stuff:

Girlfriend: I have to say, this episode was a hard one to watch.  I’m a pretty devout fan of the original Rocky Horror, so to see Glee do a real chop shop job on the whole thing upset me a little.  I mean, I would go so far as to say that Tim Curry’s performance as Dr. Frank N. Furter is the apex of 20th century performance art.  I know you’re a fan of the original too, did you have trouble sitting through this version?  There were just so many inaccuracies! And they changed so many awesome lyrics!

Boyfriend: Trouble?  No, I wouldn’t say trouble.  I think the writers did a great job of letting it be known that they weren’t happy to have to change things up.  That seemed pretty evident to me.  But overall, I think they did a fantastic job.

Girlfriend: Then again, it makes me wonder how many Glee viewers are as familiar with the original as we are.  I mean, yeah, they made a throwing toast joke, which I appreciated, but how many people even understood the reference?  Same with Meat Loaf and Bostwick — do you think that many people even placed them?

Boyfriend: No way!  The Loaf is looking like Loaf lite.  He slimmed up, and was nothing like I remembered him.  Just wondering why they underutilized his talents.

Girlfriend: I wish I could have seen Brittany’s peanut allergy costume.  I kind of wish I could of seen the whole club’s Halloween choices, though Kurt leaning over Emma in that Riff Raff wig will haunt me forever and that’s scary enough for one Halloween.  What did you think of the Emma/Schue scene?  I was definitely grossed out!

Boyfriend: It was really gross, but Brittany and Santana peeping was really funny.  So at least they had the good sense to add some comedic bite to it.

Girlfriend: It’s clear Glee‘s new dreamboat is Carl, played by the aging-backwards John Stamos.  I’ve been waiting for him to sing all season, as I saw him on Broadway in “Bye Bye Birdie” and I know what kind of heat that boy’s vocal cords are packing.  Last night we finally got a peek at what he can do, and WOW!  His version of “Hot-Patootie” was electric.  Do you think Meat Loaf was as impressed as I am?

Boyfriend: You know how I feel about Stamos.  But yes, he did a great job.  He’s looking like a poor mans George Clooney.  I’m sure Meatloaf, and every other self-respecting man in the universe, are just as anti Stamos as I am.

Girlfriend: In my fantasy world, Glee releases an album of every track on the Rocky Horror soundtrack.  Envisioning Mercedes’ version of “I’m Going Home” gives me chills!

Boyfriend: Mercedes is a star.  Plain and simple.

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