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Daily Show Writer To Apocalypse: Ha

There are bottled-water-packed bunkers full of theories about the end of the world. Google "End of the world 2012" for a laugh, a scare, or general justification of your internet misanthropy. The questionable facts are legion; take your pick: the Mayan calendar, Gematria, sun-storms, the reversal of the poles, exhaustion of our natural resources, big atom-smashing machine being built by evil scientists, and more! To be fair, "the end of the world" doesn't necessarily mean hail and brimstone. It could mean we all die violently, but it could also mean we all experience a collective shift in consciousness a la mass acid trip. Radical human re-awakening or cannibalism and Cormac McCarthy? Enlightenment or decimation? New Eden or No Hope? No one knows for sure, but hey: no time like the present to waste wringing your baby-soft hands and reading internet theories.

A debt of gratitude, then, to Rob Kutner, the man responsible for lots of funny stuff in several media for throwing us all a demystifying bone. In "Apocalypse How" (now a national bestseller, because you assholes just love reading books without too many words in them), Kutner illuminates our inevitable collective fate with just the right brand of realistic-terror-fueled humor. Need more proof that the end is near? Here's what Amazon customers are buying alongside Kutner's opus: Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, by Mary Roach World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie, by Max Brooks Nine Lives, Steve Winwood Third, Portishead I Am Legend DVD Infected: A Novel, by Scott Sigler A Practical Guide to Racism, by CH Dalton And last but not least, The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks

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