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Claire Danes’ Photo Shoot in Israel for the New York Times’ T Magazine
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Claire Danes’ Photo Shoot in Israel for the New York Times’ T Magazine

Claire Danes, whose amazingness was confirmed by the Academy last night at the Emmy Awards, where she took home the award for best actress in a drama (mazel!) for her role as CIA agent Carrie Matthison on Showtime’s Homeland, which won for best drama series, is on the cover of this week’s T Magazine during a photoshoot…in Israel.

Danes was in Israel for two weeks filming the second season of Homeland, and is pictured in the New York Times’ style magazine modeling fall trends in familiar Tel Aviv spots. Some highlights from the interview:

Danes recalled the stress of filming a few early scenes from Season 1 in a half-Israeli, half-Palestinian town called Barta’a.

“The tension was palpable,” she said, “but I didn’t ever feel particularly threatened.” She had never been to the Middle East and arrived with more curiosity than trepidation. “It has been a lot more fun and cosmopolitan than I had anticipated,” she said, referring to the country as a place in which people “work very hard, worry very hard and play hard and well.”

Danes, who since the interview announced she was expecting her first child with husband Hugh Dancy, was taking a more laid-back approach on her second visit to Israel:

The first time around, Danes was more aggressive about seeing the sights. “We went to Jerusalem and Masada and all those absolutely edifying and riveting places,” she said. This time she allowed herself to kick back in Tel Aviv and shop and eat and enjoy the city. “I went to the beach a couple times and to Jaffa, the old port city of Tel Aviv.” She said it was less of a party experience this time, but there has been lots of eating, “gregarious and unabashed eating.”


(Photographs by Cass Bird, New York Times)

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