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Messy Meshugane. Again.

The Cat Haggadah

Welcome kitties and friends of kitties.  On behalf of the Jewish feline population, we’d like to wish you a cat sameach.

Before we start our seder, are you reclining?

“I’m not sure.”


The First Cup.

Jewish Cat drinking wine

“Kat-dish. Amen.”



“Nom nom nom. I love this part. Good for the digestive system.”


The Second Cup

“Wait, we have to drink 4 of these?”


The Four Kittens

“Who you callin’ simple?”


I Will Not Let Your People Go!


Let all who are hungry come and eat!

“The meal is served.”


Why Only Four Cups?



“Sorry, I don’t sing, hippie.”


Now We Are Free!

“But you’ll let me back in to sleep, right?”

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