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Britney Spears vs. Joseph Epstein

Consuming too many empty tabloid calories and not enough high-culture fiber? Let us help you get back on a balanced diet.  Three delicious pairings:


The low-brow: Britney Spears' lackluster cover of “All That She Wants” by Ace of Bace is strangely compelling.

The high-brow: Master essayist Joseph Epstein’s looks at the six-hour PBS documentary “The Jewish Americans” in the National Endowment for the Humanities journal.



The low-brow: Scotland Yard is going to investigate Amy Winehouse's appearance smoking crack on camera. In other news, she finally got rid of the awful blonde dye job.

The high-brow: Nikil Saval eviscerates “I’m Not There” auteur Todd Haynes (and barely spares Bob Dylan) in N+1.


The low-brow: Did ICanHasCheezburger really need to weigh in on the death of Heath Ledger?

The high-brow: Poetry Magazine has long ode to the poet Frank Stanford, a “swamprat Rimbaud” who once wrote “I don’t believe in tame poetry…Poetry busts guts.”


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