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The Big Jewcy: Justin Taylor, Writer

It’s been a good year for Justin Taylor whose collection of short stories, "Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever," has been abuzz everywhere that matters.  Considering that publishing a book of short stories as a one’s first major book, is a feat in and of itself, Taylor has reason to be optimistic.  His writing has been compared to the work of Donald Barthelme, Philip Roth and Dennis Cooper and still in his late 20’s, he’s already teaching MFA writing students.  But when looked at closely, while there might be plenty to be envious of, it’s all well-earned.  Taylor’s been hammering away, writing for numerous media outlets and getting his work out there.  With the internet changing the way people are reading and obtaining their literature, some will become frustrated and give up on the idea of becoming writers, while others will merely work harder.  Justin Taylor is an example of what can come of this.


"You know when I don’t feel like an outsider? When I’m writing. Sitting at the desk, not warming up or editing drafts, but actually in the act of producing words in a new order they’ve never been in before, telling a story that’s never before been told. That’s when I feel like the best incarnation of myself; that’s me being who and what and where and how I’m meant to be."  (Via Jewcy Interview)


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