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Best Song Today: Dark Dark Dark, “Daydreaming”
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Best Song Today: Dark Dark Dark, “Daydreaming”


I’m a harsh critic when it comes to any of these folky-indie groups because a) there’s so many of them, and b) I get all of my folk from punkier acts on Plan It X Records and the like. However, I often make exceptions because somewhere in my heart is a hole that only folk can fill. Bands like O’Death, The Dutchess and the Duke, and newer Murder By Death are always playing in casa Jon Reiss.  Dark Dark Dark was a band that I wasn’t particularly interested in at first because I prettymuch figured, "Why should I give this band the time of day when they clearly put so little time into thinking of their name." However, it turns out that Dark Dark Dark puts lots of time into everything else. Their arrangements are interesting and unique and they record in weird gothic churches. The female vocals are soft and pleasant and they keep multiple string instrument action going at all times. It makes for a dark southern gothic sound that’s reminiscent of early Murder By Death but much more complex. Thus far, they have an EP called, "Bright Bright Bright," that’s worth a listen and a new record called, "Wild Go," is coming out soon. I would say they are a mix between Murder By Death, God Help the Girl, and the guy that does the theme song to True Blood. If this sounds awesome to you, message me at Jewcy because we can be friends, and also check out Dark Dark Dark.

Listen: Dark Dark Dark, "Daydreaming" 

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