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Andrew Garfield is Nominated for an Oscar!


In ongoing “2017 isn’t as bad as it could possibly be, but let’s spit everywhere to not tempt the Evil Eye about it” news, Andrew Garfield is nominated for an Academy Award for the very first time!

The Jewish actor is nominated for playing a religious Seventh-day Adventist pacifist turned WWII hero in Hacksaw Ridge (the kid has played a lot of Christians this year). Unfortunately, also nominated for an Academy Award is the film’s director, Mel Gibson. But remember, Andrew Garfield says working with a notorious anti-Semite as a Jew was totally fine.

Garfield’s odds of winning are rather low (his competitors include Denzel Washington and Casey Affleck, the latter of whom took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor this year). But still, Mazel Tov to Andrew! It’s no small achievement, and at 33, he’s got plenty of career ahead of him (*insert more superstitious spitting here*).

Coincidentally, Garfield’s ex-girlfriend Emma Stone is nominated for Best Actress this year, but the two are on good terms, so it probably isn’t weird. Up against Stone is Natalie Portman, nominated for Jackie, but she already has an Oscar, so whatever.

Finally, while it’s going to be a shame to see Lin-Manuel possibly miss the final letter of his EGOT this year, if he loses, it will almost certainly be to a songwriting team that includes Benj Pasek, a Member of the Tribe.

Good luck to all the Jewish (and not Jewish) nominees! The Oscars air on Sunday, February 26.

Image: Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge. Via IM GLOBAL.

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