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‘Adopt a Jewish Mother’ is the Best Fake Charity Ever [VIDEO]
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‘Adopt a Jewish Mother’ is the Best Fake Charity Ever [VIDEO]

“Every year, thousands of Jewish mothers are neglected by sons they’ve driven away with their constant, and neurotic, nagging,” begins the faux-serious infomercial beseeching young men to spend time with mothers whose own sons won’t return their calls, or emails, or letter-style text messages.

“You can give these moms hope for as little as two hours a week—plus occasional phone calls if they read an article about someone around your age who died in a freak jet-skiing accident and they need to warn you about it,” it continues.

Yes, this has happened: a comedy sketch advertising a completely made up reverse-babysitting service for Jewish moms. The video comes to us from the team at Landline TV, which includes 2010 Big Jewcy Jared Neumark. Asked back then whether he’d always been a funny person, he replied suspiciously: “Who said I am? My mom?”

There you have it.

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