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I’ve Seen the Future of Jewish Food, and There Are Matzoh Balls

By October 18, 2012

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Anti-Semitic Elmo Heads Out West, Boasts of Cash and Sushi

By October 16, 2012

Reports making more money in San Francisco than in New York City Read More

There’s a GPS-Enabled Jewish Dating Website and it’s Called Yenta

By October 11, 2012

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Jay-Z Lit A Menorah Backstage All Eight Nights of His NYC Concert Series

By October 10, 2012

He’s really committing to this whole ‘most powerful Jew in the music industry’ thing Read More

What Anne Hathaway’s Jewish Wedding Says About American Judaism

By October 5, 2012

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New Website Tells You Whether Today Happens to be a Jewish Holiday

By October 4, 2012

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Navajo Moose Pendants Are the New Chai Necklaces

By September 28, 2012

Two reported sightings of Chai necklaces masquerading as Native American symbols Read More

Trend Alert: Get Ready for Fall With These Hebrew-Adorned Tights

By September 28, 2012

Israeli company Zohara offers ‘I <3 TLV' tights so you can stay warm in style Read More