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Operation Social Media Swarm: Are You Following the IDF On Pinterest?

By November 15, 2012

The Israeli Defense Forces haven’t taken to pinning the way they’ve embraced Twitter and Tumblr Read More

The Official History of JDub Records

By November 12, 2012

The story of the epic rise and fall of the only Jewish record label Read More

Philip Roth, Quitter?

By November 9, 2012

The 78-year-old Jewish writer throws in the towel, says he’s done writing novels Read More

The New York Times Doesn’t Know How to Spell Bruce Springsteen’s Name

By November 8, 2012

The Gray Lady adds a Semitic flair to the Boss’ surname Read More

David Mamet Tells Jews to Vote Romney, ‘Girls’ Fans Everywhere Cringe

By November 5, 2012

What would Shoshanna, the ‘Girls’ character played by Mamet’s daughter Zosia, say? Read More

Jimmy Kimmel Asks the Unoriginal Brooklyn Question, “Hipster or Hasid?”

By November 2, 2012

Sarah Silverman’s ex-boyfriend is two Tumblrs behind on this one Read More

New Girl’s Max Greenfield Guest-Editing Gwyneth Paltrow’s Blog Goop Again

By November 1, 2012

Real-life Schmidt really out-did himself this time Read More

Deported Rapper Shyne Debates Alan Dershowitz About U.S. Election

By October 31, 2012

Shyne, who can’t vote in an American election, is a Romney guy Read More