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Israel Wants to Eliminate Foreign Chefs

By February 13, 2008

Remember how we told you about the popularity of sushi in Israel? You may have noticed a brief mention of the government mandate that could "expel all Asian employees at ethnic restaurants in order to make room for Israeli workers" … Read More

Interdietary Dating

By February 13, 2008

Can an omnivoracious eater find love with a vegangelical? Such is the question posed by this article in the New York Times, which profiles a handful of "interdietary" couples, including vegetarian Jewcy friend Leah Koenig and her kosher beau. Just … Read More

Jet Set? Globe Trek? This Auction’s for You.

By February 11, 2008

Love to travel? Hate Leukemia and Lymphoma? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, then I strongly advise you to mosey on over to Global Traveler magazine, where they recently launched a huge auction to benefit the Leukemia … Read More

“Lean On Me” Meets “Yentl.” Sort of.

By February 11, 2008

Here's the next in the inspirational genre of films that includes classics like Lean on Me, Stand and Deliver, and Dangerous Minds: the story of Shimon Waronker and the South Bronx junior high school that he has singlehandedly brought back … Read More

“Anonymous” Force Wages War on Scientology

By February 10, 2008

Have you heard of Anonymous? Anonymous is a clandestine group that has positioned itself in direct and unyielding opposition to the Church of Scientology. The group recently launched an attack on the official Scientology website, temporarily shutting it down, and … Read More

Kenneth Cole: Sikh is Chic

By February 8, 2008

Fashion week is coming to a close, and I have to admit, I really couldn't care less. But I was downright ecstatic when I stumbled across this post on Kenneth Cole's latest ad campaign. A huge photo of a hot … Read More

Give Props: Snappy Answers to Complicated Apartheid Week Questions

By February 8, 2008

Previously: Vocab for the Newbie During Israel Apartheid Week, you might encounter someone looking to challenge your views. You won't have time to "read books" or come to your own conclusions—but anyone who questions your prejudices and preconceptions is probably … Read More

The Israel Apartheid Shmooze: Vocab for the Newbie

By February 8, 2008

Previously: Dress to Profess Now that you're dressed for Israel Apartheid Week, (and looking totally killer, might I add), you need to learn the lingo. Luckily for you, Jewcy's handy phrase-book for freedom fighters will have you ready to chime … Read More