About Josh Strawn

Josh Strawn is the lead singer of Blacklist as well as a signatory and vocal advocate of the Euston Manifesto.

Sheehan’s Withdrawal Strategy

By May 29, 2007

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has given her letter of resignation to the Daily Kos. Citing frustration with 'BushCo' as well as the peace movement, she's renounced partisianism, the Democratic Congress and put Camp Casey up for sale. She has relinquished … Read More

Al Qaeda Finds Its Rock Star

Al Qaeda Finds Its Rock Star
By May 3, 2007

Performing wrapped up in wires or covered with mud, orgasmically moaning about throwing himself away, Trent Reznor has long bestowed market appeal on all things transgressive. He added FM rock flair to the experimental electronics of Cabaret Voltaire and Skinny … Read More