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Commenter Controversy Of The Week: Is Lizzy The Lezzy Recruiting Our Youth?

By February 29, 2008

This week's commenter craziness award goes to Marc Hessel, who's adamant that he doesn't think "the younger youth" should have "their minds made for them" by watching a cartoon lesbian do standup comedy on the Internet or on a gay … Read More

Tough Jews: A Slide-Show

By February 6, 2008

Heath Ledger's recent death reminded us that the all-American heroes on our movie screens have lately been, well, Australian. Of course, it's also worth remembering some of Hollywood's toughest leading men are Jewish. Click here to view a slide-show essay … Read More

Royal Rumble: Hitchens vs. Boteach

By January 31, 2008

Last night the 92nd Street Y hosted a debate between Mr. "Shalom in the Home" Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and the inimitable Christopher Hitchens on the existence of God, something so wholly unprovable that the only guaranteed outcomes were bruised egos … Read More

Bad News Jews: Scammy Car Charities And Illegal Matzo Factories

By January 22, 2008

In Brooklyn, 150 residents were evicted from an illegally converted loft building after the fire department discovered an "illegal matzo factory" in the basement. Apparently, the grain used in baking matzo is a threat because it's potentially combustible. The residents … Read More

Jewcy’s Guide to the Holiday Web

By December 7, 2007

Hanukkah’s had it pretty rough lately, what with all this talk about the Maccabees being a bunch of terrorists. For most of us, it's all about the fried food, the chocolate, the presents and pretty lights — a Christmas manque, … Read More

The Rosh Hashanah Handbook

By September 11, 2007

Jewcy celebrates the New Year with bundled content to meet all your designer Jewish needs. Our Rosh Hashanah package includes an impressive menu for holiday eats, a listing of social events to attend (whether you wear sidelocks or Keds), and … Read More

Zionist Neocons or Self-Loathing Pinkos?

Zionist Neocons or Self-Loathing Pinkos?
By August 30, 2007

Pigeonhole-hopping is always a popular diversion among the opinionated. Inevitably leftists who disagree with you will call you fascist, while righties with beef will dismiss you as pinko Communists. It’s all too easy to derive glee from those moments when … Read More

True Confessions of Jewcy Users

True Confessions of Jewcy Users
By August 23, 2007

Writing about your life is dangerous. The only thing easier than putting your audience to sleep (“I remember the rich aroma of my grandmother’s delicious matza ball soup”) is shocking your audience so thoroughly that you’ll never get hired or … Read More