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Responding to Cousin Moishe

By June 3, 2009

Last week, we posted an email sent to "Noah," a Jewish guy about to marry his non-Jewish girlfriend "Sheila," by his ultra-Orthodox cousin "Moishe." Moishe vehemently – and inarticulately – disapproved of Noah’s choice and sent him an email encouraging … Read More

Love, Hate, and the Jewish State

By May 22, 2009

How do you feel about Israel? It seems like a pretty simple question, but any diaspora Jew can tell you that their thoughts on Israel are layered, complex, and emotionally charged. Makom and the New Israel Fund are organizing an … Read More

Tamil Protest in London

By April 17, 2009

This slideshow originally appeared on spiked and is reprinted with permission. The text was written by Brendan O’Neill and photographs taken by Nathalie Rothschild.

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Obamas Get Dog, Amazon Anti-Gay, and Gibsons File for Divorce

By April 13, 2009

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Barack Obama is setting out to lift some of the travel restrictions to Cuba, allowing Cuban-Americans to travel there more freely. Economic relations are also sought to be improved. A passenger of … Read More

So What Is MASA, Anyway?

By April 6, 2009

You may have seen some ads on our website for a program called MASA. While we’re happy to accept their money, it’s also a pretty cool program we think you should know about. MASA "enables young Jews from all over … Read More

Sarah Silverman Talks Judaism on “Bill Maher”

By March 29, 2009

"I have no religion, and yet I have been… the Jews love me. I’m good for the Jews. There’s nothing I can do that makes me not good for the Jews, especially after that Great Shlep thing. I could, honestly… … Read More

Video: “Why We Need a Liberal Jewish Lobby”

By March 18, 2009

Why do we need a liberal Jewish lobby? What does "liberal" even mean, anyway? What’s wrong with existing Israel lobbies? The 92nd Street Y in New York recently held a panel discussion which addressed these issues and more. Jeremy Ben-Ami … Read More

What If Don Draper Were Jewish?

By March 4, 2009

We here at Jewcy were all distraught when Don Draper didn’t leave his WASPy milquetoast wife and run off with the stunning Jewess Rachel, who was totally his intellectual and emotional peer. But now we can pretend Don is a … Read More