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The Stupidest Jews on Facebook Join Together for a Cause

By April 22, 2010

All our ideas about Jewish exceptionalism were officially shot to hell last evening when we were hipped to a Facebook group known as "Jewish Juggalos." A "family" "for the "select few that are Jewish and a JUGGALO.. and are damn … Read More

Reform Judaism Outreach Attempt FAIL

By April 20, 2010

Oh to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting between the marketing gurus over at the Union for Reform Judaism when they decided to slaughter some sacred cultural cows.  

Allen Ginsberg Getting Stoned With His Famous Friends

By April 20, 2010

Allen Ginsberg hanging out in Kansas at the house of William Burroughs.   Looks like a good time.

Chuck D. had the Right Idea

By April 20, 2010

As a tribute to this… The new law, which is seen as the toughest in the country, demands that police in Arizona request papers from any brown people they see. Some opponents compare the new legislation to the Jim Crow … Read More

Jewcy Officially Loves Avi Buffalo

By April 20, 2010

We made three people at Jewcy HQ put on the headphones to listen to the charming sounds of Avi Buffalo’s forthcoming Sub Pop debut.  Each of the them got all music reviewerlike — comparing the work of Mr. Buffalo (real … Read More

Who are the Bigger Douchebags: Neturei Karta or Westboro Baptist Church?

By April 19, 2010

Neturei Karta The stats: Friends with Jew haters like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Louis Farrakhan Have an anthem that if set to the right music, could make a pretty wicked black metal song. Hate dead soldiers: "While the Remembrance … Read More

Top Ten Leonard Cohen

By April 19, 2010

In the spirit of National Poetry Month (and the fact that it’s a Monday morning), we present ten videos by one of the greatest living poets, Mr. Leonard Cohen. 10. Len, a khaki coat, some feedback and "Suzanne" played on … Read More

The Sunday Jewce: Sabra Moving, Rogen’s Cancer Comedy, Marc Jacobs Bookstore and More

By April 18, 2010

The Sabra company is leaving Queens behind.  New York is as officially a little less cooler as our favorite store-bought hummus has decided to move operations to Virgina.  We will learn to deal with it, but please don’t change the … Read More