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Our Top 3 Suspects in Brooklyn Torah Heist

By April 28, 2010

Gothamist is reporting that five Torah scrolls were stolen from a synagogue in Borough Park.  The shul seems to think this is an inside job, as the Rabbi is out of the country, a window was left open and the … Read More

The Only “Sophisticated” Jewish Books are About Food and Money

By April 28, 2010

That’s according to this list on Guyism, which lists Freakonomics and Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma alongisde books by David Foster Wallace and The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. We don’t need some third rate rip off of Maxim … Read More

Hava Nagilah Forever!

By April 27, 2010

If you ask somebody to sing a Jewish song, good chance they’ll inevitably hum "Hava Nagilah."  A new documentary tries to figure out exactly why that’s the case. 

Is There no Refuge for Hasidic Weed Dealers?

By April 26, 2010

A popular party for Orthodox outcasts might be closing up shop for good this time.  The Forward reports that the Manhattan meet up, Chulent (which we’ve heard described as a "Hasidic Animal House, but with better drugs"), is being kicked … Read More

The Sunday Jewce: A Spitzer Boner, Anti-Israel Pop Music, A Solomon Schechter Teacher’s Miracle and More

By April 25, 2010

Spitzer screwed up again!  The Daily Beast says he should have shown up to the Tribeca Film Festival premier of the documentary about his fall from grace: "He probably would have received a standing ovation from the A-list audience of … Read More

The Weekly Lipa

By April 23, 2010

Much to our disappointment, Lipa did not tweet much this week – but the little he did was more than enough to give us our weekly dose of his ESL antics. As per usual, one of Lipa’s friends celebrated the … Read More

Woody Goes to Paris

By April 23, 2010

Since Woody Allen has failed to make a decent New York film in the last decade (sorry, Whatever Works was pretty awful), we always welcome him going across the pond to get away from the type urban neurotics we work … Read More

Jews Repairing Haiti

By April 22, 2010

Jewish outreach continues in Haiti as Tevel b’Tzedek have nine of their volunteers on the ground in the earthquake ravaged country. Starting today, Repair the World has Micha Odenheimer of Tevel b’Tzedek blogging about his experiences on the ground.  It’s … Read More