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Videos From Why Be Jewish: Engaging the Sacred

By May 25, 2010

Taylor Krauss, Founder of Voices of Rwanda, talks about how being Jewish affects his work in Rwanda. See more of the videos here. 

Jewcy Gets Avigdor Lieberman a Prison Bitch Name

By May 24, 2010

Not that we’re sitting here wishing that the other Liberman we love to hate would go to jail for obstructing a police investigation in 2008 (that’s a lie, we are), but with the possibility that the hawkish Foreign Minister could … Read More

Sunday Jewce: Boycotting Dio, Hot Dogs and Hummus, Shel Silverstein Gets Mystical, and More

By May 23, 2010

The Westboro Baptist Church is going to boycott the funeral of Ronnie James Dio.  If for some reason you didn’t hate the W.B.C. before, now is as good a time as any to jump on the bandwagon. After writing an … Read More

Israel to get “Lost” at 4 A.M.

By May 23, 2010

We’re pretty sure some anti-Zionist that has "get lost Israel" on their Google Alert is pretty excited seeing that title, but I have to burst their bubble and let them know that Israel really does get "Lost" at four in … Read More

Good Idea: How to Party Like Maimonides

By May 21, 2010

You know when all of your 20-something, college educated friends get all excited because the date is 4/20, and you can only think to yourself, "buffoons!"? Well, the minds at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles realized that "hey, … Read More

Question of the Day: What Holiday is Groucho Marx?

By May 20, 2010

Since JJ Goldberg has gone ahead and written the defining essay on a Jewish holiday as a Marx Brother with, "Shavuot: The Zeppo Marx of Jewish Holidays", we’ve got to come right out and ask the question everybody is wondering: Is Groucho Marx … Read More

Who Needs Lebron? Larry David’s Coming to New York

By May 19, 2010

At long last our prayers have been answered: Larry David is filming the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in his hometown of New York, and Susie Essman couldn’t be happier:  "They all live in LA, and for seven seasons, … Read More

The Jewcy Guide to Getting Amped for Shavuot

By May 18, 2010

Are you getting yourself prepared for that yearly all-night Torah study sesh, but forget how to cram like you did back in your college days?  We’ve got you covered: 1. Screw the cheesecake, it weighs you down.  Instead, consider drinking … Read More