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The Barack and Bibi Show: A Roundup

By July 6, 2010

Today the leaders of American and Israel meet in Washington.  Here’s a roundup: At The Daily Beast, Peter Beinhart tells Obama not to "go wobbly" on the Jewish State. The Forward hosts an interesting reporters roundtable on the meeting. The … Read More

Will Dancing Soldiers Change Public Opinion on Israel?

By July 6, 2010

Going to guess no on this one.  But hey, at least next time somebody accuses the Israeli military of being oppressive, you can say "yeah?  Well at least they know how to DANCE!"

Noam Chomsky: Not a Funny Dude

By July 6, 2010

Another day, another interview with the famous professor you either love or hate. But in the recent interview he did with the Telegraph, we learn the shocking truth that Noam Chomsky isn’t a funny guy.  The revelation comes in the … Read More

The Monday Jewce: Clinton Wedding, Serge Gainsbourg Film, Chinese Food and More

By July 5, 2010

A Jewish wedding in Little Rock? A guy named Thaddeus doesn’t think Israel is such a good idea. Attackerman points out that California is not Iraq.  In case you didn’t know that, like George Schultz.  Joann Sfar talks about his … Read More

The Sunday Mazel: A Jewcy Family Wedding

By July 4, 2010

The son of R.L. Stine got hitched to a girl who comes from an academic/literary background that would make any English ph.D envious. That’s cool, but their wedding has nothing on what might possibly be the greatest Jewish event in … Read More

Mel Gibson: The Racist Asshole is BACK

By July 1, 2010

The Huffington Post reports that Mel Gibson just doesn’t know how to shut the hell up.  In a recorded message to his ex, the Mad Max star said: "You’re an embarrassment to me. You look like a f***ing pig in … Read More

Newsweek Claims Shmuley Boteach Isn’t Only Rabbi in America

By June 30, 2010

No word from Camp Shmuley, but we’re waiting for a press release that will mention his friendship with Michael Jackson.  Also, how exactly do you go ahead and rank the fifty most important rabbis in America?  We have no fricken … Read More

Cramp-Us: Because What’s More Jewish Than The Cramps and Boobies?

By June 29, 2010

We could b.s. you about how The Cramps used an age old Jewish trick of taking something great from one culture, transporting it to their own, and making something totally unique out of all of it (they did) and that … Read More