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They Pulled the Old Coen Brothers Trick on Bill Murray

By July 20, 2010

If you ever wondered why Bill Murray did the Garfield movie, his interview in the latest issue of GQ clears up everything:   Okay. Well, how about Garfield? Can you explain that to me? Did you just do it for … Read More

Today’s Installment of Why We Love Rachel Shukert

By July 19, 2010

In today’s installment of “Why We Love Rachel Shukert,” we turn to her interview at The Undomestic Goddess: What does feminism mean to you? “For me, feminism, at its essence, is about the acknowledgment that women are as fully human … Read More

Monday Jewce: The Cosmetic Rabbi, Kafka’s Papers, Israeli Poker Players, Nazi Airports and More

By July 19, 2010

A rabbi who cares about 2 things:  good skin and Israel.  The safety deposit boxes containing the secret papers of Franz Kafka are forcibly opened.  Israel is the big winner at the World Series of Poker.  Sarah Palin tells Muslims … Read More

The Sunday Mazel: Spa Nuptials

By July 18, 2010

While last week was something of a slow one, this Sunday there is no dearth of weddings to choose from in the Sunday announcements. And even on a week when the front page of the “Fashion & Style” section has … Read More

Revenge of the WASP Queen: Vampire Weekend Gets Sued

By July 16, 2010

Oh no!  How is Ezra Koenig going to buy his Fall clothes from the L.L. Bean catalog?  The model used on the bands most recent album, Contra, is suing the band: The lawsuit filed on Wednesday identifies the band, their … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati: Bellow is the new Vonnegut, Adam Mansbach’s Jams, Shteyngart Speaks, Writers in Nazi Germany and More

By July 15, 2010

Saul Bellow writes like Kurt Vonnegut.  Who knew?  Adam Mansbach gives a playlist. A new book on the writings of Samuel Beckett, Virginia Woolf, Christopher Isherwood, Albert Camus, W.E.B. DuBois, about their time spent in Nazi Germany.  Gary Shteyngart talks to … Read More

And the Biggest Nazi Pussy of the Year Award Goes To…

By July 14, 2010

Mazel tov Daniel Cowart, soon to be of the Tennessee Federal Prison system: your request to have your Nazi tattoos removed prior to your incarceration has earned you the award for "Biggest Nazi Pussy of the Year."    The 21-year-old … Read More

Brilliant Idea: Stop Comparing Presidents to Hitler

By July 14, 2010

Wasn’t it stupid enough when Bush 2 was in office?