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Arts & Crafts Video Makes Jewcy Dream a Bit Bigger

By August 4, 2010

We’ve been trying to figure out how to drum up some dollars around here to pay for the extravagant lifestyle that Jewish bloggers lead.  How can we continue to afford all this double malt scotch, house robes of fair trade … Read More

The Full Ginsburg Finds the Glenn Beck U. Advertisement

By August 3, 2010

Our friends at The Full Ginsburg (featuring Big Jewcy member Jared Bloom) have "unearthed" this advertisement for Glenn Beck University. (Via)

The Sunday Mazel: Jews With Un-Jewish Names

By August 1, 2010

You know that saying "a Jew is a Jew"?  We love that saying. But when you troll through the Sunday papers looking for the best Jewish weddings, you really need more than that.  Obviously when Chelsea Clinton and Mark Mezvinsky … Read More

Jewcy Picks The San Francisco Film Fest

By July 30, 2010

For the thirtieth year in a row, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival has put together another stellar lineup to entertain the Jewish film buffs of the Bay Area. Here are our three must see picks for this weekends shows … Read More

Swedish Policemen Dance Better Than IDF Soldiers

By July 30, 2010

While there is still no word if the Israeli soldiers dancing to Ke$ha changed public opinion on the Jewish State, we really hate to be the ones to tell the world that Swedish cops have better music tastes (The Kinfe) … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati: Jonathan Ames Breaking the Law, Shteyngart Talks to The Paris Review, Israel Joshua Singer and More

By July 29, 2010

Everybody talks about his brother Isaac, but people forget that Israel Joshua Singer was a great writer too. Gary Shteyngart is interviewed at the Paris Review blog/Gary Shteyngart equates the Paris Review with being “pretentious” in said interview. The dream … Read More

Gary Shteyngart Buys a Baller Ass House

By July 26, 2010

In what we assume will be our final Gary Shteyngart posting of the month, the Super Sad True Love Story author is banking on a big winner with his latest book, and has bought a New York apartment for $1.175 … Read More

Monday Jewce: Shimon Peres Speaks, Mad Men Creator Discusses Premier, Pacino’s Shylock, and More

By July 26, 2010

Tablet Mag talks to Israeli President Shimon Peres. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, talks about last nights premiere.  There are supposedly two types of Shylock: the misunderstood antihero, and the original bad Jewish stereotype.  Which one does Al Pacino play? … Read More