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Gentile Stuff We Don’t Understand: Pop-Tarts

By August 11, 2010

Try this experiment: ask an odd number of Jews if they have any memories of breakfast involving Pop-Tarts, and we would be willing to wager that a much higher percentage of the people polled would say they never had the … Read More

Monday Jewce: Chabad’s Main Man, Tony Judt Remembered, Shukert Talks Butts, David Cross and More

By August 9, 2010

Tony Judt (above) remembered at Tablet.  Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky talks about baseball, Bob Dylan, and not shaking hands with women. Rachel Shukert talks tushies. (Jewish Book Council)  Moving up on the US terror list. (The Daily Beast) David Cross is … Read More

The Sunday Mazel: Smooth Operator

The Sunday Mazel: Smooth Operator
By August 8, 2010

If we had to pick a favorite Sunday Mazel, we would of course say, “all of them.” However, if we had to pick a favorite line that led to the moment where rings and vows were exchanged, the conversation between … Read More

The Friday Jewce: Helping Marissa Nadler, Jami Attenberg: Superhero, Pop Jew’s Mixtape, and More

By August 6, 2010

Help Marissa Nadler (above) finance her new album, buy some artwork.  Parents who gave their kids Nazi names are denied custody.  Jami Attenberg: writer, Big Jewcy member, crime fighter. Pop Jew makes a mix tape, mentions "Hershel and the Hanukkah … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati: The Brett Favre Musical, Bookworm, Rachel Shukert’s Jams and More

By August 5, 2010

Ben Greenman gives us "Brett Favre! The Musical" Michael Rosenblatt of Bookworm: the man, the legend.  The Paris Review gives us letters from the West Bank.  Air Supply, Cheap Trick, and The Smiths: this is what Rachel Shukert rocks out … Read More

Arts & Crafts Video Makes Jewcy Dream a Bit Bigger

By August 4, 2010

We’ve been trying to figure out how to drum up some dollars around here to pay for the extravagant lifestyle that Jewish bloggers lead.  How can we continue to afford all this double malt scotch, house robes of fair trade … Read More

The Full Ginsburg Finds the Glenn Beck U. Advertisement

By August 3, 2010

Our friends at The Full Ginsburg (featuring Big Jewcy member Jared Bloom) have "unearthed" this advertisement for Glenn Beck University. (Via)

The Sunday Mazel: Jews With Un-Jewish Names

By August 1, 2010

You know that saying "a Jew is a Jew"?  We love that saying. But when you troll through the Sunday papers looking for the best Jewish weddings, you really need more than that.  Obviously when Chelsea Clinton and Mark Mezvinsky … Read More