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Jewcy Aligns Itself With Highbrow Author

By September 14, 2010

Rachel Shukert puts out a book, then Rachel Shukert gets “Highbrow” in the always important New York Magazine “Approval Matrx,” and on Wednesday Rachel will be up on stage for the latest version of the Jewcy Yiderati series, “3-Minute Guilt … Read More

Vote for the Most Pimped out Sukkah

By September 13, 2010

From Dadaist to homeless — there are twelve designs competing to win the Sukkah City competition, and you can go over to New York Magazine and help decide who the winner will be. Personally, Jewcy is rooting for the design … Read More

The Rosh Hashanah Miracle of 2010: Shana Tova as a Twitter Trending Topic

By September 8, 2010

  We want to wish all our Jewcy readers a sweet, happy, and totally wonderful 5771.  We’re #1 

The Sunday Mazel: A Marriage as a Protest

By September 5, 2010

Elyse Buxbaum and Manhattan borough president, Scott Stringer, didn’t just want a wedding, they wanted a protest!  They are so pissed that New York hasn’t caught up to the fact that gay people should be able to get married, that … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati: Roth vs. Auster, Shukert Travel Tips, Love Letters, Pekar Project, and More

By September 3, 2010

At 3:AM Magazine:  Philip Roth vs. Paul Auster At Electric Literature: An excerpt, “For the Love of Juche” by Adam Johnson. At the Paris Review blog: Adam Wilson writes a love letter to Elvis Costello. At The Forward: Rachel Shukert … Read More

Rolling Hard With Franz Kafka and Rabbi Nachman

By September 2, 2010

Burnt Books, the forthcoming book by Rodger Kamenetz (on Nextbook) which discusses the lives of both Rabbi Nachman and Franz Kafka, and draws some pretty interesting parallels between the two.    Burnt Books: Rabbi Nachman Of Bratslav and Franz Kafka … Read More

Jewcy Presents: The Greatest 3-Minute Guilt Stories Ever

By September 1, 2010

Jewcy.com is happy to announce the second installation of new reading series, The Yiderati: a reading series dedicated to showcasing the work of a new generation of Jewish writers, and writers with Jewish stories. This month, Jewcy returns with The … Read More

Monday Jewce: Shalom Auslander, The Emmys, Dumb Germans, Kosher Hawaii Five-O and More

By August 30, 2010

The Emmys last night, pretty great, right?  (Via Vulture)  A conversation with Shalom Auslander (Via The Rumpus) The first obstacle in the upcoming Middle East peace talks.  (Via NY Times) "All Jews share a certain gene" – Some German guy … Read More