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The Sunday Mazel: The Chuppah Rules

By October 24, 2010

Tamar Schiffman and Jonathan Lechter, thank you for getting married for a number of reasons.  You seem like a couple of really alright folks, and your story about true love in the face of a terrible illness is really inspiring. … Read More

‘Rent is Too Damn High’ Guy too Good to be True

By October 21, 2010

For a few hours there, we thought that we had an antidote to the angry, anti-gay rants of Carl Paladino, or the taciturn, unmoving campaign Andrew Cuomo is running, via Jimmy ‘The Rent is too Damn High’ McMillan.  But no, … Read More

One More Crazy Celebrity at the Kabbalah Center

By October 19, 2010

From beating housekeepers to wearing blood diamonds, Naomi Campbell has proven time and time again that she’s either crazy and/or a terrible person.  And what’s the best medicine for crazy people?  Kabbalah! Yes, the English model says that since around … Read More

Idiot Rabbi Gives Away the Big Secret About Jews Controlling Everything

By October 18, 2010

Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef really screwed things up for the rest of us who wanted to keep our media controlling, bank controlling, and everything else controlling a bit more hush hush.  According to the JTA, the 90-year-old had … Read More

The Sunday Mazel: How do We top Kate Fridkis and Simon Berring?

By October 17, 2010

Week after week we bring you our favorite wedding announcement from the Sunday New York Times.  We think with all of the weird and wacky stuff going on in the world, the least we can do it report on something … Read More

Placing Bets on the Jewish Community Heroes Award

By October 15, 2010

The voting closes for the Jewish Community Heroes award today, and Jewcy is laying down the odds: 8-1 odds for John Carney because he takes a great head shot. 6-1 odds for  Dr. Enid Zwirn, because she has good credentials.  … Read More

Natalie Portman may be the next Fight an “Alien”

By October 14, 2010

First there was Alien, and then there was Aliens.  Those were good.  Then there was another Alien movie, and another one.  The only difference between Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection was one huge thing: Winona Ryder was in Resurrection, making … Read More

Your Grandma on the Upper West Side Might have Bedbugs….

By October 14, 2010

Lincoln Center, the venerable Upper West Side institution, has bedbugs. According to the New York Observer, an outbreak of the tiny little bastards has infiltrated the dressing rooms at the David H. Koch Theater: a place where many old Jews … Read More