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OMGWTFBIBLE: A Plague On Your House!

By October 18, 2014

In which Moses unleashes all sorts of biological weirdness on the population of Egypt. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: Moses Has a Magic Staff

By October 8, 2014

Your favorite bible comedy podcast returns just in time for Sukkot, with guest star Y-Love! Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: Y-Love on Facebook’s “Real Name” Policy, God’s Omniscience, and Exodus

By October 2, 2014

“The idea of a god of judgement exclusively… that god-view doesn’t fit. It’s incongruous with everything classical scripture says.” Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE Podcast: The Israelites Confront Pharoah, Things Get Real

By September 18, 2014

Truth to power, baby. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE Podcast: Holy Cow! A Burning Bush!

By September 11, 2014

In which Moses is called to adventure and it takes for-ev-er. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE Podcast: In Which a Lot of Drama Goes Down For Our Hero Moses

By September 4, 2014

In a plot-line worthy of “Days of Our Lives,” Moses is adopted by Pharoah’s daughter and nursed by his birth mother. And then he kills someone! Read More

OMGWTBIBLE Podcast: Let the Exodus Begin!

By August 28, 2014

New York City’s most popular bible comedy podcast returns, starring Mordechai Levovitz of Jewish Queer Youth. Read More

Former Jewcy Editor Jason Diamond Dishes on Being a Cupcake Bouncer

By August 7, 2014

Plus, a recipe for chocolate and cinnamon babka cupcakes! Read More