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“Gypsy Music” and “Yiddish Music” Aren’t the Same Thing

By March 3, 2010

I think the people at Trend Hunter may have gotten the memo that Jews and gypsies aren’t the same, but maybe they just gave it a quick glance and forgot?  Also, aren’t we about six years into the "gypsy music … Read More

Is Broadway More Desperate for Good Ideas Than Hollywood?

By March 3, 2010

Read the recent New York Times article "Road to Broadway Is Paved with Matzah" and be the judge for yourself. "Aspiring musical composers and lyricists, take note: Using YouTube to show your performance chops and creativity could lead to gigs … Read More

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Forward Plays Captain Obvious

By March 1, 2010

"Two-State Solution Faces a Patchwork of Challenges" You know we hate to rag on an old rag like Der Forverts, but seriously, do you want me to read the article, or do you want me to simply scroll down to … Read More

Israel Wants You to Pay Out the Ass to Eat Ass

By February 26, 2010

No word yet on popular dishes like narwhal casserole, moose milk ice cream, or boar sausage, but it seems like things are going to get a little tough for Israeli residents with a taste for the "exotic":  "Knesset members are … Read More

Skinhead, Skinhead, Oi! Oi! Oy?

By February 25, 2010

A fascinating article in the New York Times about Pawel: a former Nazi skinhead who has changed his ways and become a hasid.  "Pawel is perhaps the most unlikely example of a Jewish revival under way in Poland in which … Read More

Where are Hughes Jews?

By February 24, 2010

As soon as I heard that Vanity Fair had published a feature on John Hughes’ later work, the stuff he did out of the director’s chair, I ran to the nearest bookstore.  While I’d guess that you may snicker at … Read More

E.T. Visits Williamsburg Hasids and Possibly Hangs With Hipsters

By February 24, 2010

Do you remember that scene in the epic 1996 Will Smith/Jeff Goldblum film, Independence Day, where they show Israeli soldiers and Arab soldiers getting ready to fight side-by-side against the evil aliens that are getting ready to destroy Earth?  Take … Read More

Putting the Kibosh on the Hitler Meme

By February 22, 2010

After seeing Adolf Hitler yell about everything from Michael Jackson to Santa Clause, you really would think that the allure of making crudely-made parodies of the bunker scene from the 2004 Oscar winning film Downfall, would have worn off by … Read More