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The Weekly Yiderati

By March 11, 2010

Before he puts out Witz –which might be the most controversial work of fiction this year– Joshua Cohen talks about breakfast. Sam Lipsyte continues to be everywhere.  This week,he takes a walk through his neighborhood in Queens, and over at … Read More

The Jewish Meat: Noah Bernamoff of Mile End

By March 11, 2010

When historians look back on 2010 Brooklyn, they will uncover dozens of articles on the phenom that is the Mile End Delicatessen, and for good reason: owner Noah Bernamoff opened the restaurant not to cash in on the foodie trend, … Read More

Israeli Novel Wins Best Translation Award

By March 11, 2010

There seems to be a renaissance of translated literature in American underway. Maybe it started due to the popularity of the late Chilean scribe Roberto Bolaño’s exquisite novel, 2666, but today, a novel by Israeli writer Gail Hareven is being … Read More

Rick Rubin Top Ten

By March 10, 2010

Rick Rubin turns 47 today, and considering that he has spent the last 30 years being one of the most important and influential figures in music, we figured that calls for a little roundup of the production gurus finest achievements. … Read More

One Corey Left

By March 10, 2010

TMZ reports that Corey Haim has passed away.  The son of an Israeli-born computer operator, and a guy named Bernie who "worked sales", will always be remembered as the guy who made only two movies that I really cared about, … Read More

Crazy Jewish Family of the Decade: The Feld’s

By March 10, 2010

I’m sure you think you have the craziest of all Jewish families, but with all due respect to your weird uncle who wants to become a rabbi for some esoteric religion like Buddhist Zionism, and your mom who thinks you’re … Read More

Obama Gets All Hillel on Our Asses

By March 9, 2010

I could be very wrong here, but there was a little snippet from the presidents speech on health care in Philadelphia yesterday that sounded vaguely familiar.  Here’s the breakdown: "My question to them is: When is the right time? If … Read More

Jimmy Carter Finds Common Ground With Pro-Israel Republicans

By March 8, 2010

While the former president has had, at best, a spotty relationship with pro-Israel supporters in the past, we couldn’t help but wonder, is it simply a coincidence that The Carter Centers logo has a striking resemblance to the logo of … Read More