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National Day of Unplugging: Shabbos is all the Rage

By March 19, 2010

I’m sitting here at my desk.  In front of me is one telephone, one iPhone, a cup of coffee, and two computer screens.  One screen has my Tweetdeck on it, and the other, well, I’m using it to write this.  … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati

By March 18, 2010

Matthue Roth debuts a new column at Brooklyn (The Borough) called "Tznius Envy". Coming soon: the collected fiction works of Gordon Lish.  I swore up and down that after our own interview with Sam Lipsyte went up, that we were … Read More

Alex Chilton Gets a Cohen Blessing

By March 18, 2010

As if I didn’t like Rep. Steve Cohen enough. The first Jewish congressmanin the history of Tennessee, just gave a farwell to the late, great Alex Chilton on the House Floor.  Chilton, one of the founding members of Big Star, … Read More

The Pogues Never Played a Klezmer Song

By March 17, 2010

Dying bodies of water green, parades, drunken douche bags: these are things I’m not much of a fan of.  Also the fact that I’m Jewish, and have no reason to take part in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, makes me think … Read More

Jason Segel: Living the Dream

By March 16, 2010

Jason Segel is a lucky man for many reasons: 1.  He’s rich.  That isn’t so bad. 2.  He’s tall.  I’d like to be tall. 3.  He’s in movies.  While blogging is fun, I’d assume being a movie star is better. … Read More

Alexander Portnoy is Bad for the Jews

By March 15, 2010

Alex Portnoy: fictional poster child for my people, curious little Yid, anti-Holden Caulfield, insufferable little prick; I wonder if you know how much damage you’ve caused? According to this essay, Portnoy’s Complaint is forty years old this year.  And while … Read More

Israeli Nationalist Mounts Pathetic Attempt to Date Bar Refaeli

By March 15, 2010

Baruch Marzel and his friends at Lehava sent Bar Rafaeli a letter asking her to dump her loser boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.  Using some very Goebbelsesque phrasing, the people at Lehava put it bluntly, asking the supermodel not to "dilute" the … Read More

Is James Brown Moshiach?

By March 12, 2010

James Brown’s dead body is missing; here are our guesses: 1.  His body has been stolen 2.  Zombie James Brown is walking the streets right now. 3.  James Brown is Moshiach.  If number three is the case, you have very … Read More