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Fool’s Gold Play for the Dead

By March 31, 2010

The debut LP from Fool’s Gold came out last year and still hasn’t made it’s way out of my "heavy rotation" pile of records.  While the album has definite staying power, I’ll take a new video from the band any … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati

By March 25, 2010

South Park on Catcher on the Rye.  Brilliant You can never have too much Deborah Eisenberg.  The Millions give us a double shot of her.  We tried asking The Paris Review if their new editor, Lorin Stein, is, ya know…one … Read More

Joel Pollak: The Jewish Republican You Might Really Like

By March 25, 2010

Sure the Republicans got defeated by health care, but can you ever really count them out?  Of course you can’t!  Sooner or later some new names are going to kickstart things, and before you know it, the right is running … Read More

Invite Me to Your Persian Seder

By March 24, 2010

After reading the recent New York Times Passover love fest of the last few days, I have decided a few things: 1.  I’m done with this Ashkenazi stuff.  You want me to come over to your house, 2 words: Persian … Read More

The Circle of Life: From Crown Heights to Disney World

By March 24, 2010

Q: What do frat boys, Miley Cyrus fans, and the couple of people who still take "Hasidic reggae" seriously have in common? A: The Disney Reggae Club! I know a lot of these old reggae guys need to make money … Read More

Sleater-Kinney: Not Dead Yet

By March 23, 2010

Not that I don’t enjoy reading just about everything Carrie Brownstein writes over at her Monitor Mix blog, but I couldn’t resist yelling out a Marv Albert style: “Yesssss”, as soon as I read that Brownstein and former S-K cohort, … Read More

The Four Questions: Rachel Shukert

By March 23, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that Rachel Shukert can claim the title of “Best Book Written About Being a Jew from Nebraska”, with her 2008 memoir, Have You no Shame?: And Other Regrettable Stories. Two years later, Shukert is … Read More

Breaking! President Obama Dark Past as a “Shabbos Goy” Uncovered! Glenn Beck Wets Himself

By March 19, 2010

This is probably my liberal-New York-Jewboy sensibilities kick in, but should I be worried that "the wrong kind of people" are going to read David Remnick’s piece in the upcoming issue of The New Yorker and think: "I don’t know … Read More