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The “New Rebbe of Williamsburg” Seems Like an Awesome Guy

By April 8, 2010

Baruch Herzfeld, we salute you.  “I’m trying to take a lot of what’s good about the chasidim, which is how they help each other out as a community, and bring it across multiple communities – not just shared solely amongst … Read More

Jewcy Interview: Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein

By April 7, 2010

Jews: we’re smart people.  We’ve been working the smart thing for quite some time, and have racked up more than enough impressive names.  But Jews are also naturally skeptical people.  From the treyf-eating nonbelievers to the most pious Hasids, we’ve … Read More

Steve Carell and a Last Supper Scene Involving Dead Mice

By April 7, 2010

Dear producers of Dinner For Schmucks, Using the word "schmuck" in a title will usually make me want to see a film.  The funny preview helps the cause even more.

Jews in Hollywood: Douchebags

By April 7, 2010

Sandwiched between egomaniac Quadrillionaire James Cameron and possible Jew hater, Walt Disney, 3 Jews find themselves on The Frisky’s "10 Worst Bosses in Hollywood" list.  Jason Goldberg and Ari Emanuel make the list at 3 and 4, which isn’t much … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati

By April 1, 2010

  Babs at the Book Expo???  My Nana and I can go together! Another tell-all about life with Norman Mailer.  This time written by his last wife, Norris Church.  Jezebel takes a look at the book. Stephen Elliott reading in … Read More

Jewcy Interviews: Julie Klausner

By April 1, 2010

Wikipedia entries can be pretty hilarious.  The entry for Julie Klausner’s memoir, I Don’t Care About your Band, describes the stories in the book as "romantic foibles and sexual misadventures."  While it’s my duty to hype up the very talented … Read More

Babel Obsession #1

By April 1, 2010

Lately, I’ve been corresponding with Gregory Freidin, Professor and Chair of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Stanford, nice guy, and editor of 2 books on Isaac Babel. I’ve been interested in Babel for quite some time now, but after asking … Read More

Kaplan is the New Cohen

By April 1, 2010

If my mom (let’s call her Mama Diamond) could have pulled off the immaculate conception thing, then my name would have been Jason Kaplan.  But since we don’t believe in that whole "babies without bumping" thing, it’s not. Coupled with … Read More