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Joshua Cohen Might Kick Your Ass

By April 14, 2010

"Might" being the operative word.  Considering the writer is probably too busy figuring out how to get people to read his 800 page book, Witz, which is about the last Jew on earth, and simultaneously trying to bed Jonathan Safran … Read More

Hasid is the New Black

By April 14, 2010

Even though the duds created by Uncommon Creatures bears more of a resemblance to WWE superstar The Undertaker, we need to applaud those wacky Danes for attempting to bring Shtetl Fabulous to a whole new level.    "a pair of designers … Read More

The Velvet Underground Meet Marvin Gaye

By April 13, 2010

File under "Genius." (Via Dangerous Minds)

Where (the) Brooklyn (Apple Store) At?

By April 12, 2010

I’ve wondered to myself what exactly does Marty Markowitz do all day as the Brooklyn borough president? Today I got my answer: All I’m going to say is that if this  production gives me one less reason to schlep into … Read More

News Flash: Drake Rhymes “Kosher” with “Ebert and Roeper”

By April 12, 2010

I once told my girlfriend that if she cheated on me with Drake that it would be okay, because if I was a woman, I’d probably want to make sex with the greatest living Jewish rapper alive.  This brand new … Read More

Battle of the Unkosher: Traif Vs. The KFC Double Down

By April 12, 2010

The title doesn’t do this battle justice.  Here are the stats: Traif A new restaurant in Williamsburg with the perfect name (maybe a tad bit insulting) and possibly delicious menu that includes braised pork cheeks a l’ancienne, baked Maine lobster … Read More

Great Moments in Gary Shteyngart’s Relationship with Food

By April 9, 2010

Tonight, when Gary Shteyngart takes the podium at 92YTribeca with his friends Amy Sohn and Joshua Lambert, it will be more than just a discussion about Jewish literature: it will be another great moment in Shteyngart’s longstanding love affair with … Read More

Nevermind the Ark…Hitler Wanted the Jesus Blanket!

By April 9, 2010

You know that cloth that people claim was the cloth they buried Jesus in?  Hitler reaaaaaally wanted that: The shroud was transferred for its safety to the Benedictine sanctuary of Montevergine in Avellino, in the southern Campania region of Italy … Read More