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Lev Grossman Hearts Leonard Woolf

By May 3, 2010

Got some time for the Jewish member of the most famous English intellectual circle of the 20th century?  Lev Grossman, the hardest working man in the book reviewing business (he reviews books at a little rag called Time) has dedicated … Read More

The Weekly Yiderati

By April 30, 2010

Adam Thirlwell interviewed on The Bat Segundo Show.  Somehow, McSweeney’s got a hold of some qustions off the "Don Rickles SAT."  That Dave Eggers can get his hands on ANYTHING.  Over at Largehearted Boy, Bob Fingerman picks the tunes.  Jonathan … Read More

Goodbye Coffee Cup Man

By April 30, 2010

Not to sound like the closet goth that I am, but New York has just about anywhere else beat in the "Great Obituary Department." A good example would be Leslie Buck.  Born Laszlo Büch, a Czechoslovakian Jew who survived Auschwitz … Read More

Mayor Bloomberg Bitchslaps Arizona

By April 29, 2010

Does Mayor Bloomberg defy the love/hate paradigm?  Is there such thing as a "Bloomberg Independent" or a "Left-leaning, Bloomberg Republican"?  I feel like there are actually two solid schools of thought on the mayor.  You are either: Happy with the … Read More

Open Call Mixtape Submission for Mideastunes.com

By April 28, 2010

Mideastunes.com, the site that brands itself as "music for social change", has tons of great music — from Meat Puppetsesque country punk of Sunny Ali & The Kid to underground Iraqi thrash metal — but it’s lacking one thing: Israeli … Read More

Remembering The Goldbergs

By April 28, 2010

I want to give PopMatters a huge internet kiss for this brilliant essay on the forgotten early 1950′s Jewish sitcom, The Goldbergs that starred the great Gertrude Berg. "It takes about five minutes of watching any random episode to conclude … Read More

Hardcore: The Official Soundtrack to Nazi Ass Kicking

By April 27, 2010

Real Talk: Nearly twice a day I fantasize about beating up Nazis.  I’m not talking Inglorious Bastards killing and scalping, I’m talking more along the lines of giving a good solid ass whooping to some white trash, swastika wearing douchebag, … Read More

Tevye the Cottage Cheese Man

By April 27, 2010

My girlfriend has this friend who calls into question the masculinity of any male who eats yogurt.  She just feels like dudes shouldn’t partake in the Dannon.  I wonder what she would say if she caught a glimpse of some … Read More