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The Big Jewcy: Judy Miller Silverman, Publicist

By June 9, 2010

Aside from being some of the most influential bands in music today, Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Yeasyaer and Deerhunter all have one thing else in common: Judy Miller Silverman of Motor Mouth Media.  The publicist extraordinaire is the person making … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Rebecca Dana, Reporter/Author – The Daily Beast

By June 8, 2010

The first time I ever read an issue of The New Yorker was during the Tina Brown era of the mid-90′s.  While some old schoolers weren’t fans during Ms. Brown’s tenure as editor of the storied magazine, I look back … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Leah Jones, Owner of Natiiv Arts & Media

By June 8, 2010

Chicago is the city that works, and Leah Jones is the person who teaches it social networking through her company, Natiiv Arts & Media.  And as you will see, it’s been an interesting road that led Jones to the top … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Simcha Whitehill, Blogger/Writer

By June 7, 2010

I asked Simcha to send me a blurb about herself, and after reading it I thought to myself that instead of attempting (and probably failing) to do her justice by writing a blurb about her, I’d just use what she … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Scott Lindenbaum, Electric Literature

By June 7, 2010

If you pay any attention to the world of literature, read magazines or newspapers like the New York Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal, or are on Twitter, there is a pretty good chance … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Zachary Lipez, Writer/Musician

By June 7, 2010

                One day, when they write the Please Kill Me of post-9/11 Brooklyn, they could probably fill a lot of pages with stories about or involving Zachary Lipez and his band Freshkills.  Having … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Julien Nitzberg, Film Director

By June 7, 2010

Indie documentaries are a dime a dozen, but believe me when I tell you that Julien Nitzberg’s The Wild and Wonderful White’s of West Virginia is one of a kind. Gaining high praise at nearly every big film festival, The … Read More

Exclusive Interview With Peter Beinart’s Blackberry

By June 7, 2010

Jewcy: You’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks?  We caught your master on CNN yesterday, and read the Haaretz interview with him today. Let me tell you something, I’m sick of this guy.  Every three seconds somebody wants his … Read More