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Daniel Koffler is a Clarendon Scholar and graduate student in philosophy at the University of Oxford.

UK Goes Nuclear — US To Follow?

By January 11, 2008

The British government is building a nuclear power infrastructure, and environmental ideologues are whining. There are several reasonable objections against the plan, but some are echoes of the anti-nuclear hysteria that has obstructed the building of nuclear plants in the … Read More

Thailand Bans Smoking; Ladyboys Still Available

By January 11, 2008

The nation of Thailiand is the latest to enact a comprehensive ban on smoking in any area smaller than a football field. Brushing aside complaints from bar owners and restaurateurs, the Thai Health Ministry is confident that banning smoking is … Read More

Ron Paul Retrenchment

By January 10, 2008

In the course of defending his Ron Paul reporting against a criticism from Virginia Postrel, David Weigel calls me "excitable," and claims: [T]he Paul pile-on is starting to get ridiculous. You can blame Paul and the ghostwriters for some of … Read More

Kerry Endorses Obama: Kiss of Death?

By January 10, 2008

John Kerry has decided to endorse Barack Obama, the wine-track candidate running against the Democratic establishment, rather than his own running mate of four years ago, John Edwards. Is this eerily familiar to anyone else of Al Gore deciding to … Read More

Why Did Obama Lose?

By January 9, 2008

Like John Kerry on election day in 2004 — when the exit polls first came in until around 7:30-8:30pm EST — Barack Obama had fun being president for a few days; and I hope he'll get to be president for … Read More

Not In Defense of Ron Paul

By January 8, 2008

Jamie Kirchick's devastating article on the occluded history of the Ron Paul Freedom/Political/Survival Report is rebounding all over the web. I published a complementary digest of some of the Paul Report's most egregious quotes at PJM, which got linked at … Read More

A White Man Set Them Free

By January 7, 2008

The Clinton machine certainly seems to get ugly as it gets desperate. Let's set the stage. Obama won Iowa on his "audacity of hope" theme. Hillary Clinton replied by accusing him of offering false hope, and words rather than action. … Read More

Bill Kristol Phones It In

By January 7, 2008

Last week, after the New York Times announced Bill Kristol as the newest addition to its roster of columnists, prompting a predictable (though not necessarily unjustified) mix of outrage and bewilderment among liberals, Jack Shafer rose to the Grey Lady's … Read More