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Shvitz Spritz: Scientology Not Accepted

By July 2, 2007

Barack takes the lead in fundraising. [The Washington Post] A-Rod's wife wears obscene shirt at Yankees game. [The New York Post] "Israel is Bad for Jewish Ethics." [Counterpunch] The Second Chance Act: an alternative to incarceration. [The New York Times] … Read More

The Week in Jews

The Week in Jews
By June 29, 2007

  IS THE RICH YANKEE JEW RUNNING? The News: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg sheds his GOP label in what many speculate as a sign of presidential aspirations. The Chatter: If Bloomberg runs, he wins. [The Huffington Post] Right, a Jewish … Read More

Shvitz Spritz: Round Trip to the Moon

Shvitz Spritz: Round Trip to the Moon
By June 29, 2007

London police defuse car packed with explosives. [Chicago Tribune] Legal screwups in case against President Moshe Katsav. [The Jerusalem Post] In 5-4 decision, Supreme Court rules against school integration. [The New York Times] As the Court outlaws busing, Jewish groups … Read More

Shvitz Spritz: Squatting in Church

By June 28, 2007

Army wives watching Lifetime's most popular show ever: "Army Wives." [The New York Times] Protestant parishioners "squatting in sleeping bags" in German church. Why? To keep Jews from turning it into a synagogue. [The Week Magazine] Elizabeth Edwards pleads with … Read More

Those Crazy South Carolinians

By June 27, 2007

Presidential hopeful John McCain on dropping from the race. What? You smokin' somethin'?

Shvitz Spritz: Forget Free Speech

By June 27, 2007

American prisons and policies failing at immigration detention. [The New York Times] "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" ruling shows free-speech hipocrisy of Supreme Court. [The Los Angeles Times] In the Vice President's office–"with no real remit and no real limits, open … Read More

Daily Shvitz: 2 Hard 2 Guard

By June 26, 2007

Gaza's split leaves "archipelago of Iranian proxies." [Chicago Tribune] Supreme Court shoots down "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner. [Breitbart.com] War's psychological impact on children in Iraq. [The Washington Post] David Denby not so keen on "Sicko." [The New Yorker] Senior … Read More

Shvitz Spritz: A Conservative Gay Jew (who’s also a Senator)

By June 25, 2007

Jewish Book Tour casting call: where pitching your book meets JDate. [The New York Times] An interview with Palestinian intellectual Sari Nusseibeh. [Dissent Magazine] Wonkette.com writes, "Wyoming Senator is secretly abortion-performing gay Jew." [Election Central] Slate.com's Today's Pictures celebrate the … Read More