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Dating Blogger Amy: Entry 2 (“The Hamptons”)

By September 19, 2006

Matthew is a 28-year-old coke head who works in finance and is so tall (“6’ 6” and change”) I put him in my cell phone as “Matthew Tall”. I met him at a furniture store party (seriously, they had passed … Read More

Israel Did It First: Banning Skinny Minnies

Israel Did It First:  Banning Skinny Minnies
By September 15, 2006

If any of you have been as disgusted as me watching this Fashion Week's regime of toothpicks struggle to lift the weight of the very "in" platform stiletto (I recall some of Marc Jacobs' models were especially appalling… like his … Read More

Heard Around the Office: 12:46 p.m.

By September 15, 2006

Boxed wine and blogging don't mix. – Editor Michael to Editor Joey shortly after soft launch. (Yes, we really are that geeky. And that underpaid.)